Make Fashion Clean (MFC)


In 2016, a collaboration began between a Ghanaian artisan and an American public health student, resulting in the creation of two organizations, the Matilda Flow Inclusion Foundation in Ghana and Make Fashion Clean (MFC) in the United States.

Matilda Lartey, the artisan, is now the Executive Director of MFI Foundation. DL Lundberg, the student, is now a Board Member of MFC. MFI Foundation and MFC maintain close ties, as MFC partners in selling and designing the fashion created by MFI Foundation.

MFC aligns the positive intentions of fashion consumers in the USA with real impact for artisans in Ghana. MFC has partnered with the MFI Foundation to explore the economic and environmental benefits of upcycled fashion. In an environment where artisans are increasingly threatened by the import of secondhand clothes, looking to make use of existing materials is crucial. For this reason, the tie-dye produced by the MFI Foundation is made from secondhand t-shirts.

In October 2018, MFC is launching a new product, the Blue Circle Bag, which is produced by the MFI Foundation team using denim from secondhand jeans in Ghana.