MFI Foundation Leadership

The MFI Foundation was co-founded by Matilda Lartey and DL Lundberg. The foundation is currently expanding its Board of Directors to include community leaders with relevant experience.

Executive Director:



MFI Foundation
Co-Founder, Executive Director

Matilda Lartey is an artisan, a business woman, and a mother of three with her husband, James. She owns a sewing workshop near her house in Amasaman, Ghana which was expanded and named Matilda Flow Enterprise in 2017. This workshop is the site for MFI Foundation’s work. Her firstborn daughter has an intellectual disability, and Matilda is committed to advancing social inclusion and creating living wages for persons with disabilities in the community. Matilda is also skilled in soap-making and manufacturing peanut-cake. As MFI Foundation Director, Matilda manages the workshop and organization.

Board of Directors:



Co-Founder, Board Member

DL is an American public health student. DL was introduced to Matilda in 2013 and developed a close working relationship with her over the last five years, two of which DL spent living in Ghana.

After graduating from Boston College, DL returned to Ghana to co-found the Matilda Flow Inclusion (MFI) Foundation with Matilda. Over seven months, DL worked on-site, co-designing fashion, expanding the workshop, establishing inclusive employment practices, and transitioning to fully upcycled materials. DL remains on the MFI Foundation board with plans to depart in 2019 once it has expanded to its full size and scope of community leaders.

Today, DL primarily supports the project as an Acting Director and Board Member for Make Fashion Clean (MFC), the non-profit organization that sells upcycled fashion made by the foundation.

Interested in Joining the MFI Foundation Team?

MFI Foundation is currently expanding its Board of Directors to include community leaders in Ghana with experience in non-profit management, artisan work, environmental activism, disability activism, and design. Board member positions are unpaid and require about two hours per month time commitment. This commitment involves attending quarterly meetings at MFI Foundation and providing monthly feedback to the Executive Director over phone or email.

If you have expertise in one or more of these areas and are interested in getting involved, email your CV/resume, LinkedIn profile, and/or a note about your experience and interest to Matilda at and